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We can help you get the feedback you need!

For your e-commerce

What are your best products?

Know immediately which are the most wanted products in your catalog by letting your users leave a like!


For bloggers

What articles your readers love the most?

Comments can lead to useless polemics, while a simple like button can make your blog feel alive!

For developers

User feedback at your fingertips

Quickly implement buttons thanks to our out-of-the-box integrations and fetch your buttons data thanks to our rocket fast API!

Can I sort my content using likes?

Lyket is not only in charge of counting votes. It also keeps updated rankings for all of your buttons! Vote your favourite old school console in this example to see ranking in action!

What makes us different?

More and more customers are trusting us ♥

Fastest implementation

By using our React component or our HTML widget , you just need to choose a style, provide an identifier for your button and you are done!

Privacy oriented

Most feedback services require visitors to sign up and that can discourage interaction + is bad for privacy concerns. Read more

Ranking API

In addition to our score keeping system, we provide updated and detailed rankings for all of your buttons. Read more

Nice, functional and tidy

When you have hundreds of buttons, it is hard keeping your data in order. That is why we prioritize categorization! Each button can have one broad category, and multiple tags. Read more

No bots allowed

Lyket is integrated with Google reCAPTCHA V3 to provide protection against malitious use, while never interrupting your users.

Simple pricing

We offer a simple pricing that scales with your project, including a free plan for test/hobby projects. No credit card needed!

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