We offer a simple pricing model that grows with your project. You can start with a test project for free, without time limitation, and we will not ask you for a credit card!

* Be aware that the free plan is resetting the pageviews counter every month but if one month you reach the limit, it won't be available anymore!


Up to 500 pageviews per month *



Up to 5,000 pageviews per month


billed yearly


Up to 50,000 pageviews per month


billed monthly


billed yearly

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Pricing faqs

What is a pageview?

The pageview constitutes a user visit to a page containing one or more buttons. Meaning that your pageviews counter will increase each time a user sees your page

What are the conditions for the free plan?

The free plan has the hard limit of 500 pageviews for one month, and resets the pageviews counter every month. If you never reach the limit, the free plan will be free forever. Otherwise, if you reach the limit even for one month, you will need to switch to a paid plan.

What you get

Three different buttons

All three buttons have a specific function and can be used to receive different feedback.

Statistics dashboard

Sign in your private area to see updated statistics on the buttons!


We are a small team always ready to help you.

Email notifications

Get notified when someone is leaving a feedback or when you reach a certain number of votes! [WIP]

Privacy compliancy

You don't have to update your privacy/cookie policy if you use Lyket!

Import-export data

Easily import your data from Medium or export to csv.