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Engage your audience with fresh out-of-the-box clap and like buttons. With Lyket is just a matter of seconds!

1 minute setup

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Bring your content to life!

Do you wonder if your readers are enjoying the latest blog post?

While comments can lead to useless polemics, a simple reaction button can immediately make your blog feel a little less aloof!


Sometimes you don't need only positive reinforcement. When providing a service critics can be even more crucial!


Your documentation has taken weeks to complete but you don’t know if users are making use of it?

Your portfolio could use some lovin'?

Twitter, Instagram and all social-networks alike are tools to expose your work to the world. Your website should behave in the same way!



Lyket is composed by a simple API keeping track of reactions and a React/JS client, that works with all React based frameworks and SSGs - like Gatsby, NextJS, React Native - and with all the website builder that support custom HTML embedding - like Wordpress, Wix, Webflow and more! See how by checking out our docs >>

1. Register on Lyket


2. Configure the provider


3. Choose a button


What makes it different?

Privacy oriented


Most feedback services require visitors to sign up and that candiscourage interaction and is bad for privacy concerns.

Fastest implementation


By using our React component or widget you just need to choose a style, provide an identifier for your button and you are done!

No bots allowed


Lyket is integrated with Google reCAPTCHA V3 to provide protection against malitious use, while never interrupting your users.


“Lyket is super-easy and flexible, a great product indeed”

Leila, senior dev @Idontexist Agency

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