Facebook like button

Stop using the Facebook like button for your website, own your data!


The social dilemma

I was watching the Social Dilemma recently and open the privacy discussion within my circle of friends. Most of them aren't really into IT, let alone privacy or security so it is normal for them to think Facebook is a great tool to gather feedback from the outside world.

I personally disagree.

Facebook is not free

Although Facebook doesn’t cost you money every month, it’s definitely not free. Facebook doesn’t give you access to their services software because they’re nice or altruistic. Giving you access to this service means that they have access to your visitors’ personal data. And because they’re a profit-driven advertising company, if they aren’t charging you for their product, they’re monetizing on your data.

Most websites have a blog session or need to be aware of how visitors perceive their content, but instead of integrating a feedback system on their own they rely on the well-known Facebook like button to gather data.

This is why we created Lyket. Our API collects zero personal or personally identifiable information from website visitors. We charge for our product, so we don’t need to sell information or data. With Lyket you are the owner of your own data. You can delete it anytime and be sure that they are gone! I would like to see you doing the same with Facebook without a bunch of lawyers

No GDPR, CCPA or PECR notices required

We don’t collect any personal or invasive data about your website visitors, and we use session ids rather than cookies to check if a user liked your content, so you don’t have to show annoying pop-ups that visitors hate.