Wordpress like button

Add a Wordpress like button in a matter of seconds


If you have a blog or an e-commerce probably wondered if there is an easy way to add a like button to Wordpress, or, if you are a fan of Medium, a clap button. Lyket is a new tool that lets you add like buttons to any Wordpress site in just a few seconds.

Don't believe me? See it with your own eyes πŸ‘€

As seen on the video

Lets's go through the video steps.

First thing we do here is copying this code in our footer to make Lyket available all around our Wordpress site.


Be aware that this code uses a test API key that resets all the counters every day so, like I am suggesting in the video, you should register to Lyket to get your own.

Lets's move on!

Just go to the registration page, fill out the form, to get your personal public API key and then replace the test one with that, after the "apiKey=" query parameter

Once you register you will also be able to visit your dashboard where you can see which of your buttons were the most upvoted!

Then, to create a Wordpress like button you need to specify the type of button you want to create - like, clap or like/dislike - using the "data-lyket-type" attribute, and choose an unique identifier with the "data-lyket-id" attribute. "data-lyket-namespace" is useful to tag or categorize your buttons once you see them listed in your dashboard in the private area.

In the video we use this code to create a clap button


What if my Wordpress theme does not support HTML widgets?

Some themes does not support custom HTML widgets, like the one we use in the tutorial. To fix that you can install a plugin like this one, called Insert headers and footers and then follow the instructions to add the Lyket script mentioned above.

Even if you don't want to install the plugin you can still use Lyket! Because of the way Lyket is built you can also directly paste Lyket's script together with each button without impacting your pageviews count or performance!

Customize your Wordpress like buttons

Once you have copied the script, Lyket will be available anywhere in your Wordpress website so you can start adding buttons wherever you prefer!

To choose and customize the buttons follow the widget documentation.

P.S.: If you’re using Wordpress you are probably accustomed to plugins. We are developing a Lyket Wordpress plugin, write to us if you are interested!