NextJS like button

Add a like button to your NextJS website with Lyket

With Lyket you can easily add like buttons on any NextJS project, and they work with Server Side Rendering! In fact if you disable Javascript on your NextJS page you are still be able to see Lyket like buttons

Create buttons just be adding an ID and a button type and we will keep track of every visitor interaction without saving personal data.

Why NextJS

Next.js is a back-end JavaScript framework for React applications, and allows for server side rendering (SSR), making the life of every JAMstack developer better. With it's Server Side Rendering technology it has disrupted the way React based static website are created.

With Next.js you can develop web applications, mobile apps, desktops and progressive web apps: it is built according to the principle of “Build once, run anywhere“.

It is a framework that does not require any setup - it uses the filesystem as an API. It also has built-in support for TypeScript, which makes use of Babel. Other features of Next.js are automatic code splitting, automatic routing, hot reloading (only the modified code is reloaded) and static export (with a single command it can export a static site).

This created a new challenge for Saas developers, like Lyket, that have to adapt to this new technology.

Installation using NextJS

First, signup to Lyket and get your public API key that Lyket uses to make every call to their servers

Then you can easily follow the steps in the official React documentation

Start receiving feedback on your NextJS website, now!