Add clap and like buttons on Wordpress with Lyket


Lyket is the ultimate tool to quickly implement GDPR-compliant like, clap and vote buttons on any Wordpress project. From the moment you create a button our server will keep track of every visitor interaction, without storing their personal data.

If you’re using Wordpress you are probably accustomed to plugins. We are currently developing a Lyket Wordpress plugin but in the meantime you can use our super simple html integration to see Lyket clap and like buttons in action on your Wordpress website! Just follow this few easy steps:

Register on Lyket

To get started you need to register to get your personal public API key.

Add the Lyket script to your project

Once you'registered you have to add this code top-level in your Wordpress project (remember to replace "[YOUR-API-KEY]" with your own API key you got from registering.):

<script src="[YOUR-API-KEY]></script>

You can do it in two ways:

  • By going in your theme customization settings and by adding a new widget to the footer. Here is a video explaining how to do it:

Add buttons anywhere in your Wordpress pages

Now that you copied the script, Lyket is available anywhere in your Wordpress website so you can add a button wherever you are able to add an html block. Here is an example video on how to do it.

To choose and customize the buttons follow the widget documentation. And that's it!

I told you it was that easy ;)