Gatsby like button

How to add a like button to any Gatsby website with Lyket

Lyket is the ultimate tool to quickly implement GDPR-compliantlike buttons on Gatsby. From the moment you create the button our server will keep track of every visitor interaction without storing their personal data.

What is Gatsby?

Gatsby JS is an open source framework that is used for the creation of highly performing websites through the React language. We can therefore consider Gatsby a real "platform" able to help us create any type of website through several very interesting features:

  • uses constantly updated and supporting technologies (React and webpack) manages data through Graphql, a query-based API service generates static files that can also be loaded onto a CDN
  • uses the JAMstack approach, the approach that therefore combines Java Script, API and markup for the development of websites (this is an effective return to static sites).
  • the sites generated are also PWAs (progressive Web App) offers fast browsing using dns-prefetch, prefetch and preload.

Using Gatsby JS to create very fast websites is very simple, it can in fact read data from any source (CMS; static files etc), analyze them and redirect them as static files that are managed by React and placed on the server. The JAM Stack language is the real added value of this platform because it allows the site to be approached in a β€œsplit” and independent rather than centralized way. As mentioned, JAM is an acronym that stands for Javascript, API, Markup where Java represents the dynamic part that runs in the client, the API the data read by Java and Markup the html files that must be created during the development of the site.

Gatsby can integrate the main plugins that those who have already had, for example, experience in Wordpress, surely know: Analytics, Seo, Utilities etc.

Start a project with GatsbyJS

The website is very intuitive and guides anyone who wants to approach this innovative coding language step by step.

There are two ways to get started with Gatsby: either by following the step-by-step instructions to prepare for those with no Gatsby experience or development, or via the

quick start

(for more experienced audience). The tutorials found within the site are very descriptive and can put anyone in a position to set up a high-performance site without having a strong programming knowledge.

Finally, the site also hosts a very in-depth blog through to become more familiar with the framework.

Add like buttons to your GatsbyJS website

Gatsby is based on React so it integrates perfectly with Lyket!

Everything is explained in the React documentation and everything applies smoothly to GatsbyJS without having to make any change at all. That's the magic of developing in React :D

You can customize your Gatsby buttons in the same way you can do it for the React ones


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